What is Amazon Transparency?

Amazon Transparency

As described on Amazon Transparency web page, Amazon Transparency is an item-level authentication service that helps you protect your brand and customers from counterfeit.

In other words, Amazon Transparency is a program that allows manufacturers and brand owners to fight counterfeit products on amazon.com.  At the same time, it allows amazon.com customers to verify and be confident that they are buying authentic products.

Why Should Manufacturers Use Amazon Transparency?

Manufacturers aren't the only ones selling their products on Amazon or other retail places: there are third-party sellers.

Let say I found great deals on some items at a local store.  I could buy those items and turn around and resell them, unaltered, on Amazon for a profit and there's nothing the manufacturers can do to stop me.

That's how many online third-party sellers started their online businesses.

However, there's potential for some big problems.  Sketchy manufacturers can easily make cheap copies of the real products and sell them online or to other third-party re-sellers.  This is called product counterfeiting and costs manufacturers and brand owners billions of dollars every year.

Manufacturers and brand owners can use Amazon Transparency to fight this counterfeit problem.

Here's how Amazon Transparency works:

How Amazon Transparency Works

How To Enroll In Amazon Transparency Program?

To enroll in Amazon Transparency Program, you will need:

  • The ability to verify yourself as the brand owner for your products.
  • A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as a UPC or EAN barcode on your products.
  • The ability to apply unique Transparency codes on every unit you manufacture.

Click "Get Started" button below to start the process.

Why Partner With Cormark?

Once enrolled, you must be in compliant with Amazon Transparency requirements.

Cormark is uniquely positioned to assist you with Transparency logos and labels, software and printers, printing materials, code tracking and management, all at competitive prices.

Not only is Cormark an approved Amazon Transparency provider, we've been in the Product Identification business for over 20 years.  We have the expertise and are confident we can help you in your fight against counterfeits.


Download Amazon's Transparency Brand Guidelines

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