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Linx FSL30-FSL50 CO2 Fiber Coders
Linx FSL30-FSL50 CO2 Fiber Coders
  • Linx FSL30 & FSL50 - Fiber Laser Coders

    Fiber laser technology for permanent coding on a wide range of materials

    Permanently mark on a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber, plastic, and packaging foils. Very fine spot size creates excellent quality codes and makes Linx Fiber lasers ideal for marking very small components, or large amounts of information onto small areas. Text, machine readable codes, graphics, and logos are all marked with extreme clarity for traceability; ideal for pharmaceutical, medical devices, automotive, and electronics industries, as well as FMCG packaging.

    Fiber Laser Benefits

    A Linx fiber laser marking machine gives you:

    • Laser tube life of over 100,000 hours - less downtime
    • Fine spot size for high quality codes
    • Two beam orientation options allows coding in any direction
    • Choice of 4 lenses for codes tailored to your requirements
    • Compact marking head for easy integration into moving and static lines
    • Internal air cooling system for increased efficiency and less maintenance
    • Quick message creation reduces time spent on setup and changeovers
    • Extremely efficient use of the laser with no compromise on code quality or speed

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Linx CSL10-CSL30 CO2 Laser Coders
Linx CSL10-CSL30 CO2 Laser Coders
  • Linx CSL10 & CSL30 - CO2 Laser Coders

    Largest marking area in its class

    The Linx CSL30 laser coder produces sharp codes on fast lines, and even on hard to mark materials such as glass and rubber. It has been designed to keep up with your coding requirements as they change - line speed, code complexity, or material types - with no additional investment needed.

    Key Benefits

    Easy to Use

    • Easy line integration – detachable marking head with quick disconnect cables
    • Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation
    • Easy message creation and management of printing parameters with the large color LinxVision® Touch Screen, and LinxVision software
    • Reduce your coding errors and meet coding regulations with password controls that can restrict access to qualified personnel only

    Meet production targets

    • Reduce running costs and delays with 45,000* hour tube life – one of the longest on the market
    • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard
    • A powerful, four-core processor allows printing of complex messages – including 2d barcodes, QR codes and logos - on fast lines with no compromise on code quality
    • No expensive factory air for cooling

    Print In More Applications

    • Crisp, clear coding on glass, even at high line speeds, with VisiCode®, a unique set of parameters
    • Flip, mirror, or curve text – easily code onto difficult shapes
    • Over 20,000 different configurations to economically meet your coding requirements
    • Wide web applications for large area coding or multiple lines of products

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