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"We purposefully make our printers with you and your job in mind."

Zebra ZD420
Zebra ZD420
  • Zebra ZD420

    Easy To Use — Practically No Training Required

    • New at-a-glance five LED icons take the guesswork out of printer status

    Deployment And Application Flexibility

    • Backwards compatibility with virtually any existing printer
    • Multiple connectivity options
    • Sharp 300 dpi printing
    • Movable sensor for comprehensive media compatibility

    Easy To Manage

    • Easily manage all your printers — all from a single location
    • Seamless integration with your device management system
    • Easily configure non-networked printers
    • Maximize uptime with Zebra Visibility Services

    Innovative Features For The Lowest TCO

    • Zebra Print DNA – transforming printers from the inside
    • Add new features right on site for superior future-proofing
    • Lower your costs with a high capacity ribbon
    • Easy to clean and sanitize healthcare model
    • Tidier and safer installations
    • Consistently exceptional Zebra Certified Supplies
    • Protect your investment with an affordable service plan

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Zebra ZT610
Zebra ZT610
  • Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

    Exceptional Performance From Micro Labels To High-Volume Shipping

    Boost your productivity with printers that just won’t quit. The ZT600 Series features durable steel structural components that can withstand years of abuse in extreme temperatures, dust, debris and other challenging industrial conditions. Meticulously engineered printing mechanisms provide 24/7 reliability to meet your high-volume production needs. Plus, the ZT610™ offers best-in-class print registration with 600 dpi micro consistent printing.

    Hassle-Free Setup, Daily Use, Maintenance And Troubleshooting

    From color-illuminated media and ribbon paths that help you identify problems quickly to easy-adjust printhead pressure toggles that feature a scale and color-coded pressure indicators to simplify printer setup and operation, every detail of the ZT600 Series was designed to be user-friendly. Side loading capabilities eliminate the hassles of threading. Onboard sensors, diagnostics and help resources reduce the need for technical support. And guided instructions and feedback prevent common errors and reduce manual adjustments for highly consistent printing.

    Operational Visibility, Remote Management And Future-Ready Adaptability

    The ZT610 and ZT620 are as smart as they are powerful. Zebra’s cloud-accessible Link-OS™ software platform and managed services offerings give you total visibility and control over your printing systems, whether you’re on-site or across the globe. Plus, with two available communication slots, field-installable RFID encoder and media-handling options, and two USB host ports for plug-and-play integration, it’s easy to stay ahead of your evolving business and technology needs, whatever they may be.

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